The training center for specialists in maintenance and operation of imported machinery (TCSMOIM) was founded by LLC “Expert Holding Rus” at the International Academy for Scientific and Technical Cooperation (IA STC). An active role in foundation of the center was played by all large foreign companies, supplying hoisting equipment to Russia.

The academy put at the TCSMOIM’s disposal equipped classrooms for the training of specialists in operation of foreign hoisting machinery imported into Russia.

The centre trains crane operators, electricians, specialists in hydraulic equipment, safety device operators, and experts in inspection of hoisting machinery produced by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Practical trainings as a rule are carried out using customer’s hoisting equipment.

Upon finishing studies the TCSMOIM trainees take exams and receive a license for maintenance and operation of foreign machinery of certain firms-manufacturers.

At present Center has practically become personnel agency, which has several hundreds specialists at its disposal (people, responsible for supervision, responsible for operative condition of foreign hoisting equipment, personnel for operating foreign hoisting equipment: crane operators, mounters, electricians that are allowed to operate equipment of foreign manufacture).

Center upon request from organizations supplies them with personnel required for operating equipment of foreign manufacture, certified engineers and technicians , provides certification and obtaining the permit of Rostechnadzor for hoisting equipment, renders complex assistance to the owners of the equipment by putting it into operation and its further maintenance.