JSC «RusEC» is accredited in Unified System of Conformity Estimation Rostechnadzor as an Independent body on non-destructive laboratory accreditation – IBLA.

Non-destructive laboratory attestation is carried out in accordance with ПБ 03-372-00 requirements “Accreditation rules and main requirements for non-destructive laboratories”.


Methods of non-destructive control:

  1. radioactive control (RC);
  2. ultrasonic control (UC)
  3. acoustic emission method (АE);
  4. magnetic (МC);
  5. vortex-current control (VC);
  6. penetrating substances:
    1. capillary control;
    2. leak detection;
  7. vibration-based diagnostics (VD);
  8. electric (EC);
  9. thermal control (ТC);
  10. visual and measuring control (VMC);
  11. control of deflected mode (CDM).

Objects of control:

  1. boilers;
  2. gas-supply system;
  3. hoisting equipment;
  4. mining industry equipment;
  5. coal industry equipment;
  6. oil and natural gas industry equipment;
  7. metallurgy industry equipment;
  8. explosive- flammable equipment and chemical industry equipment;
  9. railway traffic objects;
  10. objects of storage and processing of grain;
  11. buildings.
  12. electric-power industry equipment;