Certificate ISO 9001-2008

Joint Stock Company “Russian Hazardous Facilities Expert Company” – “RusEC” (founded in 1995) is one of the leading organizations in the industrial safety expert examination of production, which currently unites more than 80 legal persons as stockholders.

JSC “RusEC” works in Unified System of Conformity Estimation of Federal agency on ecological, technological and nuclear supervision (US CE Rostechnadzor). In particular, it carries out works in sphere of laboratories attestation and accreditation.

JSC “RusEC” carries out expert examination of unique hoisting machinery, assessment of climbing cranes’ remaining life. It develops design documentation for its repair and recovery to the operable state.

JSC “RusEC” equips overhead cranes, portal bridge crane and portal cranes with load-carrying capacity limiters with functions of parameters recorder. JSC “RusEC” carries out testing of a variety of new and existing hoisting equipment.

JSC “RusEC” trains specialists for foreign hoisting equipment maintenance and its technical examination.

JSC “RusEC” develops departmental normative documents, standards of enterprises and technical conditions under contract arrangements. It also carries out research in components, blocks and constructions of new climbing cranes.

JSC “RusEC” renders the following services under contract arrangements:

  • normative and design documentation development and various objects supervision;
  • development of organizational and methodological documentation for laboratories;
  • choice of inspection tool for various objects and conditions.

JSC “RusEC” specialists invite you to a mutually beneficial cooperation in different fields of mechanical engineering and special purpose machinery.