The autonomous non-commercial organization, engineering consultation center “Engtechcrane” was created in accordance with the RF Civil Code and law “On Non-commercial Organizations”.

  • It has experience in product certification in compliance with the Rostechnadzor of Russia nomenclature since 1993, under the GOST R system – since 1995.
  • Up to the present time it has certified production of 298 companies of 43 countries and Russia.
  • ANO ECC “Engtechcrane” experts are accredited in the GOST R and Rostechnadzor of Russia systems.
  • ANO ECC “Engtechcrane” cooperates with other home and foreign certification bodies in integral safety assessments of potentially hazardous productions, installations and works.
  • It provides confidentiality of information received during the work.

ANO ECC “Engtechcrane”:

  • issues GOST R certificates of conformity and industrial safety certificates of Rostechnadzor United System of Conformity Estimation;
  • keeps Register of certified production;
  • interacts with applicants on all the stages of the product certification;
  • carries out work in upgrading qualifications of staff employed in all organizations that cooperate with certification bodies;
  • carries out inspection checkup of the certified production;
  • forms and upgrades a package of normative documents, required for certification;
  • upon request presents to the applicant necessary documentation within its competence;
  • renders technical assistance to the buyers of certified products at the Customs clearance and register in Gosgortechnadzor of Russia.

It carries out industrial safety expert examination to issue a conclusion for:

  • technical devices, used in hazardous industrial facilities;
  • safety declarations and other documents, connected with the operation of a hazardous industrial installation.

It renders technical assistance to domestic and overseas organizations:

  • in obtaining permits for use of production and licenses of Russian federal executive bodies;
  • in the preparation of tenders and contracts for the purchase and sale of equipment and services for hazardous industrial installations;
  • in the preparation of hazardous installations insurance contracts.