"International league of manufacturers of equipment for industrially hazardous objects" – autonomous non-commercial organization, founded in May 2004 (registration certificate No.1045007905766 dated 26.05.04), is voluntary association of handling machinery manufacturers and suppliers to the Russian market for the purpose of coordination of its members activity, representation and protection of common interests in sphere of its professional engineering activity, handling machinery manufacture and marketing (hoisting cranes, hoists (towers), lifts, escalators, cable railways, building site hoists and so on), as well as for implementation of integrated technical policy aimed at improving quality and safety of the handling machinery.

To achieve these goals Organization realizes the following functions:

  • drawing up and establishing rules and standards of Organization and its members activities, their rights, obligations and responsibilities as well as providing control for the observance of these rules;
  • representation and protection of members interests in legislative and executive authorities, legal defense;
  • cooperation with supervision and state authorities in sphere of securing industrial safety and technical regulation, representing members interests in relations with those authorities;
  • rendering assistance to the members in solving controversial questions with organizations;
  • participation in project definition of normative acts of Russian Federation, government programs connected with questions of handling machinery market regulation and also on state authorities demand;
  • carrying out independent examination of abovementioned projects and programs and preparation of the conclusion by its results;
  • assistance in working out and realization of federal, regional and trade development programs;
  • working out unified requirements for specialists and maintenance staff, their training, accreditation and retraining;
  • providing members with all necessary information; information, consulting, methodological, legal help;
  • assistance in promotion of members production to the Russian market and enhancing their prestige taking advantage of all possibilities of the league including mass media means;
  • cooperation with various organization in Russian Federation and abroad in sphere of certification and standardization, technical supervision and other questions of interest.